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SonicPool is an independently owned and operated, full-service post production company headquartered in the heart of Hollywood.  Since its founding in 2001, SonicPool has delivered on its simple mission to provide quality, creative services that are on-time and on-budget.  SonicPool offers a comprehensive line of services, rentals and products.

Our purpose is to assist and provide producers with creative and technical choices to maximize the presentation of their vision to best impact a viewing audience. Throughout this process, customer care is job one and our team of expert operators combines creative juices with great technical know-how that enable them to do just that.

SonicPool has been providing expert services, high-end solutions and innovative technologies for more than 50,000 projects for over a dozen years.


For every corner of the entertainment industry

     PICTURE                                                                                  SOUND                                                                                     DELIVERABLES 


Empower your creativity with our amazing staff of colorists utilizing one of our many color suites that are maintained with stringent color management standards and practices. Final color choices are meticulously converted to provide masters for digital cinema, broadcast video, digital distribution and film.

• 8 Color Suites
• In-Suite visual effects and compositing
• DCPs are verified in our THX Certified Theater
• Film outs via EFilm or PhotoKem

Digital Primary 2K/4K/3D/HD Online

SonicPool has developed tried and true workflows to eliminate typical processing errors in the ever-changing world of RAW file formats and camera media.

• HD / 2K / 4K resolution formats formats in 2D or 3D
• File & tape based workflows
• Custom LUT creation

3D Stereoscopic

We offer a full range of services to support 3D productions. Our services begin with workflow design, onset dailies processing and continue through the post process and delivery of 3D and 2D deliverables.

• Workflow design, production support
• Dailies: color, geometry and convergence adjustments
• Media MGMT: iPhone access, metadata mgmt, archival
• 3D Correction & Sweetening
• Convergence, enhancements, misalignments & warping
• Color grading / correction, convergence
• Compositing, VFX, title design
• Mastering: all formats & standards and digital cinema

Compositing & Visual Effects

SonicPool has provided compositing and visual effects for commercials, features, and series for over a decade. Complex compositing, green screen, wire removal, paint outs, particle effects, blood, flesh, beauty, 2D/3D mapping, lighting, speed, stabilization, flares, flashes, blasts, explosions, splats, matt painting, surface modeling, background replacements and much more.

Title Design

Title design packages for features, shows, and short form marketing projects in 2D and 3D stereoscopic formats.

• Conceptual design, story boards & animatics
• Open title sequences, bumpers, title bugs & lower thirds
• Motion graphics, title & logo treatments & typesetting

Digital Dailies

SonicPool offers simple inexpensive solutions for dailies, on-set or in-house. We also rent dailies rigs, see our rental section below.

• Workflow consultation & production support.
• Ingest, data management, transcode
• Look creation, color grades, custom LUTs & CDLs
• Data backup & archival
• Service & Rental Pkgs come with a MediaPool Account
• Accessible Dailies online or via iPhone MediaPool App

Picture Restoration

A great technical understanding of how film and video work is essential to restoring any project faultlessly. We offer high quality digital restoration techniques for all types of damage.

• Remove grain, dust, dirt & scratches
• Correct bad pixels, flicker, registration, weave & warping
• Repair bad splicing and stains
• Add or remove cadence

Offline Creative Editorial

From short form marketing projects to long form content, our creative editorial team will assist you with technical and creative expertise. Offline editors will sort through hours of production footage to creatively tell a story, fashion a look and feel for your project, and help you realize your vision.

Blu-ray & DVD Mastering

Our team has mastered literally hundreds of commercial Blu-ray and DVD titles that are on shelves across the world. Our mastering process is broken down into three basic services; menu design, encoding and authoring. Additionally, SonicPool provides creative editorial services for Behind the Scenes Packages, Added Value Commentary and Bonus featurettes.

• Encoding, authoring & menu design
• BD Touch capabilities
• 5.1 Dolby Digital, DTS, AC3 and others
• Subtitling & multi-language services
• DLT mastering for multi-layer replication masters

Mix & Sound Design

SonicPool, as you might guess began as a boutique specializing in sound services. We take a huge amount of pride in our sound work and we are ready for any challenge. We’ve produced our metal in every arena ranging from features, to series, to game sound. With literally thousands of titles completed we are always looking for new projects to create fantastic sound for.

• 8 Sound Studios
• 5.1 & 7.1


There is a whole lotta recording happening here including intercontinental ISDN and Phone Patches. Day or night, weekends and holidays, we are here for you and we do it all! Check out our iPhone App, “Guerrilla ADR” in the Technology & Products section below.

• Voice Over
• Group
• Commentary
• Foley
• ISDN, Source Connect & Phone Patches

Sound Supervision

To craft a director's vision for sound, there are many choices and intricate details that will effect and define the sound pallet during production. Nailing these details correctly during production and continuing the vision through post takes a specialized knowledge and a keen attention to detail. Inquire with us about sound supervision on your next project.

Sound Restoration

A great technical understanding of audio and video is essential to restoring any project flawlessly. We provide high quality digital restoration techniques of all types contact our audio team to find out more.

• Reduction of noise & distortion
• Correct drop outs, clicks, pops & glitches
• Technology for the removal of music from mixed tracks

Gaming Sound

Bringing an alternate world to life with sound requires many calculated decisions. We work closely with game producers and marketing teams to provide the right sound scape for this world and others.

• Conceptual design meetings
• Project supervision
• Voice casting and recording
• Sound design & location recording
• Music composition
• Media management

Encoding, Conversions, Transfers & Laybacks

All formats and standards, both tape and file based. Encoding / decoding for: Dolby Digital, EX, Dolby-E, Dolby Digital Plus, Pro-Logic I & II, AC3, DTS, SDDS and more. Transfer from one format to another and audio laybacks.

Post Sound on Location

Whether it's our place or yours, SonicPool is known for its ability to accommodate the needs of its clients. So, if you require post sound services at your location... if it's possible, we'll make it happen.

Language Dubbing - SAP

You choose the language and we will transcribe, translate, cast, record, direct, mix, master and deliver faster than you might think! Often we package SAP (Secondary Audio Program) with our sound & picture finishing packages for broadcast series.

• Many languages available
• Fast turn around times

Store • Share • Collaborate (MediaPool)

MediaPool is a secure way to store and organize your media where you can easily find it, share it, and collaborate with your customers and teams. You can also download the MediaPool iPhone App to review, search, annotate and share video elements from anywhere, anytime. You can now exhibit and deliver content around the globe securely and affordably.

• Packaged with Dailies Services and Rentals
• Packaged with Offline Editorial Services and Rentals
• Monetize your content - globally
• Access content Online or using our iPhone App
• Custom skins and branding are available

Ingest • Encode • Deliver

Our team is well versed with the various platforms and broadcast specifications in the ever changing market place. We offer enterprise level services for large and limited content launches for new and existing platforms.

• Asset and metadata packaging
• Broadcast ready closed caption encoding
• iOS adaptive bitrate encodings
• H.264 specialists
• Global delivery: FTP, MediaPool, Signient, Aspera...
• 200 + platforms: Netflix, Hulu, Apple, Vudu, YouTube, Amazon, Xbox PS2, iOS, Android, Comcast, Cox, TW...

Digital Cinema (DCP)

The final step for your feature film or theatrical trailer is the creation of a DCI compliant master. A Digital Cinema Package or DCP, is a digital master made for distribution to Digital Cinema Theaters and it is the digital equivalent of a film print. Every SonicPool DCP comes with:

• 100% DCI Compliance Technical Verification Report
• Sound & Picture Quality Check Report
• Deliverable Check Sum Verification Report

Duplication & Replication

• All tape formats and standards
• Closed caption and subtitles
• One-off Blu-ray dubbs
• Conversions, transfers
• Audio encoding
• Broadcast limiting
• Panasonic D5/2K tape
• Blu-ray, DVD and CD duplication & replication
• After hours Drop Box

Closed Captioning & Subtitles

Ask us about packaging closed captioning and or subtitles services with our sound & picture finishing packages for broadcast series.

• Pop-on or Roll-up
• Alternate Language captioning
• 45 languages

Standards & Format Conversions

We utilize extremely high quality file and tape based standards and format conversions utilizing the latest and greatest technology. Most conversions can be done in real time with full time code and multi-channel audio.

• De-interlacing
• Up / down conversions
• SD and HD cross & standards conversions
• Automatic cadence detection and removal
• Noise reduction
• Adjustable scaling and aspect ratio conversions

Adaptation & Versioning

If you are reaching out to other territories, we can provide you with the right version and format required. We can provied multilingual versioning and adaption for features, edited for broadcast series & shows, syndication, airlines and web based content.

• Music and or dialogue replacement and remixing
• Music replacement technology for mixed tracks
• Multilingual versioning: transcriptions & script adaptation
• Multilingual voice recording & lip-sync synchronization
• Voice over tags
• Commercial black re-formatting
• Content preparation & global delivery
• FTP, MediaPool, Signient, Aspera...

Technical Evaluation

Evaluating the broadcast worthiness of program materials takes a balanced analysis and understanding between technical merits and real world acceptance expectations. SonicPool only uses experienced operators which is critical in achieving this as a standard.

• 100% sound & picture QC reporting
• Automated VOD reporting

In-House Rentals

Creative space for productions Los Angeles and New Orleans

Edit Suites
Over 40 turn-key Edit Suites to choose from, complete with all the
required equipment, connections and amenities.

Our offices are designed to accompany your Editorial Project.
The Hollywood location is MPAA and Fox security approved.

Bull Pens
Large, flexible space for your production staff. Production desks,
producer stations, etc., all centrally connected.


Edit System One

System Description

• Complete Offline Editorial System
• Blazing Fast, Durable, Easy to Use, Cost Effective
• Avid Media Composer, FCP, or Premiere
• Designed for Avid ISIS Integration

Program Details

• 100% replacement guarantee
• 24/7 replacement support
• Delivery & Pickup included
• Workflow, consultation & integration
• Tailor-made rental plans


MD1 – Mobile Dailies One

When you REALLY need to be mobile!

MD1 Banner4

Green Screen Stage

Coming Soon!



Technology & Products

Aside from our great services and rentals we have some other very exciting ways that we can help

MediaPool - Media Asset Management System

MediaPool is a secure way to store and organize your media where you can easily find it, share it, and collaborate with your customers and teams. You can also download the MediaPool iPhone App. for access to content anywhere.

• Your content online, anywhere & anytime
• iPhone App for mobile access
• Dailies footage & editorial cuts
• Global monetization

Guerrilla ADR iPhone App (GA1)

In a pinch and need to capture a few critical ADR lines from talent that is not able to get into a booth? Now talent can simply download the Guerrilla ADR App, toss on a pair of headphones and record the lines in sync with picture on their iPhone. The App allows the user to preview the video clip, record & loop ADR lines, and review the takes. Recorded files are automatically delivered.

Sound Design Elements

This disc contains a featured set of sound effects designed for short form trailers & promos. Transitions, wips, pans, slides, drones, low end sfx, hits, impacts, explosions, stabs, crashes and other sound elements.


Media Asset Management

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Mobile Apps

For iPhone and Android



We've worked with some amazing clients


What customers think about us

  • SonicPool’s consistent commitment to quality, always going above and beyond the typical expectations both creatively and in client service, are the core reasons why they always remain our #1 choice for mixing and sound design.

    Rob Troy
    President, The Antfarm
  • SonicPool was an invaluable part of America’s Best Dance Crew.  They played a large role in devising the plan to integrate a full post audio mix into a show with a high-pressure 24-hour turnaround.  We look forward to working with them again and again.

    Simon Fuchs
    Post Production Supervisor
  • SonicPool is like the crack dealer of sound design and mixing.  When you’re mixing with these guys, they keep coming up with really great, creative ways to add impact and overall value of my projects via the sound.  They’ve hooked me in with all their awesomeness!

    Drew Hall
    Director - Sons of Liberty
  • I love mixing at SonicPool.  They have a passion for everything audio.  Film is a visual medium, so selling a movie over radio puts you at a disadvantage.  We try to overcome that by creating a vivid audio image.  SonicPool makes that happen with incredible talent and imagination.

    Seth Berkowitz
    Creative Director, Workshop Creative
  • The guys at SonicPool kick ass.  Their team continues to shape and redefine sound design for the horror genre.

    Austin Reading
    President, Liquid Theory
  • Our feature had a very difficult post production schedule.  On top of that, it had many visual effects and so many complex conform effects making it really difficult to make our deadline but SonicPool really came through for us.

    Karl Hirsch
    Post Production Supervisor - Blood of Redemption
  • For our DI the picture finishing team, actually had to create new frames using parts of other frames because we had some corrupted files.  They have an extensive group of technicians that can do basically every phase of post production that someone might need.

    Mike Brinker
    Producer - Bad Country
  • It was a great advantage to have a DI artist who was also deeply involved in conforming the picture.  SonicPool combines the artist’s eye with unparalleled technical know-how and was very accommodating to all of our editorial needs.  I hope this is the first of many collaborations with SonicPool Post Production.

    Danny Safire
    Feature Editor & Director
  • SonicPool’s staff are true artists and their caring and work ethic are hard to match. They were not only first rate in terms of enthusiasm, but equally first rate in execution. I look forward to working with SonicPool every opportunity I get.

    George Gallo
  • The SonicPool team are real pros when it comes to HD online and mixing.  Their services are always quick, efficient and affordable.  We can always rely on their consistent service and attention to our various projects.

    Jason Wulfsohn
    Commercial Producer
  • Every single project we have brought here, from the ones that last an hour to the ones that last weeks, has been treated with professionalism, care, and quality.

    Karl Hirsch
    Post Production Supervisor
  • The facilities are second to none and it allowed us to mix our sound while simultaneously doing color correct down the hall.  The staff has the technical know how along with the personal touch that is so necessary when working in independent film.

    Blayne Weaver
  • Editing at SonicPool will always be my first choice.  This company has reinvented the full service post-production facility.  I consider SonicPool crew among the best there is.  There’s no place like home.

    Jeff Canavan
    Feature & Commercial Editor


We've worked on many terrific projects, here's just a few

Management Team

Amazing people making it happen everyday

CHris v2

Chris Vorhies

General Manager

Kristina A

Kristina Allison

Head of Production

Yanuzzi 2

Jason Yanuzzi

DIrector of Picture Services & Colorist

Bird 2

Patrick Bird

Founder & Director of Sound Services

Peter v3

Peter Hering

IT Manager

DK v2

Dan Kliman

Business Developement


Donovan Kosters

Director of D-Cinema Services & Business Development

Eric Stolz

Eric J. Stolz

Supervising Sound Mixer / Designer


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