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SonicPool is a full service post production company headquartered in the heart of Hollywood, offering a comprehensive line of services, rentals and technology products. Since its founding in 2001, SonicPool has served the entertainment industry by delivering on its simple mission to provide quality creative services that are on time and on budget. SonicPool offers Sound and Picture Finishing services with experienced creative talent, innovative workflow solutions in a comfortable, friendly environment. We believe in complete customer satisfaction.


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SONICPOOL, my favorite place to edit, Cheers!

Editing at SonicPool will always be my first choice.  This company has reinvented the full service post-production facility.  I consider SonicPool crew among the best there is.  There’s no place like home.

The SonicPool team are real pros when it comes to HD online and mixing.  Their services are always quick, efficient and affordable.  We can always rely on their consistent service and attention to our various projects.

SonicPool’s staff are true artists and their caring and work ethic are hard to match. They were not only first rate in terms of enthusiasm, but equally first rate in execution. I look forward to working with SonicPool every opportunity I get.

For our DI the picture finishing team, actually had to create new frames using parts of other frames because we had some corrupted files.  They have an extensive group of technicians that can do basically every phase of post production that someone might need.

Our feature had a very difficult post production schedule.  On top of that, it had many visual effects and so many complex conform effects making it really difficult to make our deadline but SonicPool really came through for us.

The guys at SonicPool kick ass.  Their team continues to shape and redefine sound design for the horror genre.

I love mixing at SonicPool.  They have a passion for everything audio.  Film is a visual medium, so selling a movie over radio puts you at a disadvantage.  We try to overcome that by creating a vivid audio image.  SonicPool makes that happen with incredible talent and imagination.

SonicPool is like the crack dealer of sound design and mixing.  When you’re mixing with these guys, they keep coming up with really great, creative ways to add impact and overall value of my projects via the sound.  They’ve hooked me in with all their awesomeness!

SonicPool was an invaluable part of America’s Best Dance Crew.  They played a large role in devising the plan to integrate a full post audio mix into a show with a high-pressure 24-hour turnaround.  We look forward to working with them again and again.


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